WeDoWeb Team

Nicolás Galano

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Senior Web Developer and Scrum Developer, with 12+ years in the business, his last challenge was in Mobomo (US company) where he worked for 5 years and got to be the front-end leader, until he founded his own web development start-up called WeDoWeb.

Juan Marchioli

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Senior Web Developer, worked in the best  argentinian companies and start-ups, co-founder and collaborator COO of WeDoWeb, he is a tech expert and has lots of development experience on big and small systems and websites.

Hernán Lucio

UX Designer
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UX Supervisor at Mercado Libre. UX Professor at Digital House & Coderhouse.

Martin Fox

Software Engineer
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Graduated in IT Systems Engineering, worked in the IT field for 14 years. First as QA tester for 3 years, and then as Software Engineer in Java, JavaScript and PHP over the past 11 years. This experience involved various industries including: recruiting, Internet, marketing, telecommunications, banking, retail, government and fitness in StartUps and Multinational companies.


Inés Sotomayor

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Ines Sotomayor is an amazing front-end developer. She’s also an accomplished graphic designer with almost 15 years of experience in the digital and interactive field. She’s passionate about creating perfectly coded websites and attentive to every detail to reflect the original design. Ines taught Typography at the university for several years and still takes calligraphy classes on her free time.

Juan Incaurgarat

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Juan Incaurgarat leads mobomo‘s front-end development team. With 10+ years in the business, his skills include PHP, CSS, HTML, javascript, task runners, git, React, React Native and his favorite, WordPress, where he can apply these technologies. He loves to deliver responsive, pixel perfect products, and enjoys team work.

Luis Sanchez

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More than 10 years’ experience in Graphic and Interactive Design.
Strong knowledge in various creative fields, strong visual sense, creative thinking, multiple design skills and the ability to find the perfect combination between aesthetic and commerciality.

Experienced in creating user interfaces and visual languages, give me a problem and I will find a beautiful way to solve it.

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Design Studio
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We are a graphic design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by Francisco Andriani & Clara Fernández.
We help brands tell their story.


Photography studio

Founded by Claudio Zatti.

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