MAY - 2018

Saturnalia Fan Store

Saturnalia wanted to improve their online sales and their image, so they build their site by using Tienda Nube, we adapted and developed a better look&feel for their site, managing to adapt it for a better view on mobile devices and to reach the public target.

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Development done over Tienda Nube's framework, an e-commerce service.


We adapted and developed the site's design into fitting any device.


We worked directly over HTML and CSS files, from their framework.

Why We Did It

We loved the idea of implementing a challenging design, making it work, and making it usable friendly for the target users.

Tienda Nube

Gracias a las facilidades que brinda Tienda Nube pudimos editar fácilmente el sitio para adaptarlo a las necesidades de Saturnalia.
Prueba Tienda Nube

The team

Project collaborators

Nicolás Galano



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Senior Web Developer and Scrum Developer, with 12+ years in the business, his last challenge was in Mobomo (US company) where he worked for 5 years and got to be the front-end leader, until he founded his own web development start-up called WeDoWeb.

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