OCTOBER - 2017


Sittios needed a simple site, a page to detail their services, nothing too complicated and easy to edit, so we adjusted to their needs, simplifying the cost by using a previously made template, very adaptable to any type of site and good to lower the development cost.

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We adapted a pre-made Wordpress theme for the needs of the client.


We also deployed the site into the client server to assure quality and no errors.


Helped on client identity across the social networks, and guided them into internet insertion.

Why We Did It

We like the idea of finding the best price for a company, we adapt the budget to your needs, we are here to help you grow.

How We Did It

We chose the best Wordpress theme to fit the client's needs, implemented it really fast, and deployed it in less that a week, finally guided them into how to use it and helped them with content management.

The team

Project collaborators

Nicolás Galano



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Senior Web Developer and Scrum Developer, with 12+ years in the business, his last challenge was in Mobomo (US company) where he worked for 5 years and got to be the front-end leader, until he founded his own web development start-up called WeDoWeb.

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